Welcome to our Pet of the Month feature, where we showcase pets of all shapes and sizes from our doctors, staff and friends.



It’s appropriate that our pick for Pet of the Month is named Prince Charming, because his story is a real Cinderella Story.

Prince is a sweet, healthy, one and a half year old pit bull pup now, but he wasn’t always this way. Not too long ago, Prince was a stray on the streets of Pine Hills. He was picked up by Orange County Animal Services and brought to a shelter. Suffering from malnutrition and a severe case of mange, Prince was scheduled to be euthanized until a Facebook campaign caught the attention of Me & My Shadow Dog Rescue. They were able to save him from the shelter and bring him to Park Avenue Animal Hospital.


After treatment for his condition (not to mention, a severe case of pneumonia), plenty of patience, and a lot of love, Prince was finally given a clean bill of health.

Now he has a loving home with our receptionist, Emilie. “I remember when I first met Prince,” she says. “It was just after they had pulled him from Orange County. He came into the clinic, skin and bones with no fur, and probably feeling terrible. But he walked around the corner with his tail wagging so hard his butt was shaking, and with a big smile on his face.”

Prince has been welcomed into his new home with Emilie, her husband and their two other dogs. He enjoys spending his time playing with his new brothers and cuddling with his family. He’s earned it!