A Volunteer’s Viewpoint

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From Jessica Wilson: It’s amazing how one moment can change your life forever. A lot of people have said that they’re glad 2009 is over – that 2010 will be the year of change. For me, 2009 wasn’t so bad – in some aspects, anyway. It was in early 2009

What’s Happening at PAAH!

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2009 went out with a bang and 2010 has started out as a very busy year for the doctors and staff! We are so incredibly thankful to our awesome clients and their pets, and to our rescues for their continued support. We hit the ground running in January and as

A Symbol of America Comes to Visit!

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It’s no secret that Park Avenue Animal Hospital treats just about every species of small animal under the sun. While dogs and cats make up the majority of pets that are brought to us, we do get to see a good number of exotic animals, including wildlife. On many occasions

Lizards and Turtles and Birds – Oh My!

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This article was originally posted in the Apopka Chief and the Planter newspapers for the week of August 10, 2009. Since opening its doors to Apopka’s pets in 2008, Park Avenue Animal Hospital has been providing the gentle bedside manner that owners expect, with the cutting edge medicine pets deserve.

History of the Golden Retriever

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For the modern breed, the “golden” in “Golden Retriever” refers to the coat color, which is “golden”. That “golden” color can range though, from a deep rusty red to almost white. Still, a Golden is a Golden… or is it? Many of the established breeds we know today have been descended

Welcome to March!

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March is one of the prettiest months in Florida. There are usually no more freezing mornings but the weather is still cool with a little breeze. March is typically the month where we all go out to Home Depot to buy plants to add some color to our frozen, brown

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