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We proudly announce the addition of K-Laser Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatments for advanced pain relief and enhanced tissue healing. Multiple studies and decades of use have not just suggested, but proven, that laser therapy can help to relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, increase range of motion, and ease the healing process in many types of acute and chronic injuries and ailments.

Laser therapy works by stimulating production of cellular energy in damaged cells. It also enhances cell membrane permeability (the ability for cell membranes to transfer molecules, which enhances the exchange of nutrients and wastes across the cell membrane), making the cells work more efficiently. This promotes the speed and the quality of healing, and improves elasticity of injured tissues. Laser therapy also modulates pain and reduces inflammation. It can be used immediately on acute injuries, over broken skin and over metal implants. Laser therapy can also help with the resolution of chronic complaints such as arthritis and other orthopedic ailments.

The K-Laser is an effective complimentary treatment for many conditions. Post-operatively, laser therapy can be used to reduce pain at the incision site and can promote regeneration of damaged tissue, leading to a faster, more comfortable recovery. Hot spots, abscesses, and other acute skin anomalies heal faster and with less discomfort after incorporating laser therapy into normal treatment protocols. Muscle pulls, broken bones, and nerve damage all see significant improvement after laser therapy, too.

The K-Laser is a low – level laser therapy tool that uses specific wavelengths of light to create a therapeutic effect. Laser therapy does not require any sedation or anesthesia and it can be used in conjunction with other methods of treatment. It is not a surgical tool, and does not cut, burn, or otherwise cause damage to tissue in any way. Patients experience a gentle warming sensation where the laser is used, and healing begins right away. Treatment is cumulative; while most patients see at least some improvement after just one treatment, multiple treatments will maximize a patient’s capacity for healing. The number of treatments is determined by the ailment itself, the chronicity (length of time it’s been there), and the patient’s individual response to therapy. Treatments generally last only 5-10 minutes, though each case may vary.

We offer laser therapy as an additional method of pain control for most surgical cases, as well as laser therapy packages for outpatient treatments.