1 Apr No Comments admin Pet of the Month

Welcome to our Pet of the Month feature, where we showcase pets of all shapes and sizes from our doctors, staff and friends.

This cute little girl is Josie.

Josie is a 14 year old cat who belongs to Amber and her family. Amber met her when Josie was just 5 weeks old. The rescue group, Cat Protection Society, brought her in to the clinic that Amber worked at. How could she resist such a sweet face?


According to Amber, Josie acts more like a dog than she does a cat. In fact, Amber has taught Josie a number of great tricks, such as how to sit and come, and even how to give high-fives! Even in old age, Josie still knows how to come on command.


It’s that sort of cleverness that made us choose Josie for April’s Pet of the Month!