1 Nov No Comments admin Pet of the Month

Welcome to our Pet of the Month feature, where we showcase pets of all shapes and sizes from our doctors, staff and friends.

Let’s put our paws together for Dr. Debbie’s adorable tuxedo cat, Marty!


Marty had something of a rough start in life. Dr. Debbie picked him up as a free-to-a-good-home feral kitten. He was so wild and hostile to humans that he couldn’t be touched. He lived in the bathroom for about a month while he became comfortable with his surroundings and his new home. Since then, Marty has become the most loving cat he could be and likes to spend all of his time in somebody’s lap.


He was named after a fellow black and white animal, Marty the Zebra from the Madagascar films. He knows his name and always comes when he’s called. He now lives in a house with 3 dogs and a bird so he has learned to be very tolerant. When he was a kitten, one of those dogs used to drag him around the tile floor by his scruff. Now that dog has become Marty’s bed and he sleeps on top of him all the time.


Marty the tuxedo cat now has a good life with a loving family and he deserves our top spot as November’s Pet of the Month.