11 Jul No Comments admin Pet of the Month

Welcome to our Pet of the Month feature, where we showcase pets of all shapes and sizes from our doctors, staff and friends.



This adorable little guy is Rafiki, a beloved member of Jackie’s family.

Rafiki is a 5 year old pug and one of the sweetest, smartest dogs you’ll ever meet. Jackie found him at Animal Services. She and her family went looking for a dog and the first one they saw was this adorable, 9 month old pug who wouldn’t stop staring at them. He was just too cute to pass up. They took him outside to play and he was so full of love and excitement that they knew he would fit right in with their family.

At home, Rafiki impresses his family with his brains. He has a large variety of stuffed toys to play with. Sometimes a family member will ask him to bring a certain animal and he always selects the correct one.


His other favorite activity is watching TV – especially when he sees a fellow dog on the screen. Whenever an animal appears on the television, Rafiki jumps and barks and tries to join them. He’s a very special and funny dog and he never fails to make his family laugh. And that’s why he’s July’s Pet of the Month.