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Heartworm disease is a dangerous and potentially fatal affliction for your dog. Just one mosquito bite from the wrong bug is all it takes to transmit the disease. Luckily, there are treatments that help prevent it. The most common are simple, monthly chewables like HeartgardĀ® Plus. But now there’s another option.

ProHeart 12 is an injectable heartworm prevention treatment that provides a full 12 months of protection. Instead of remembering to give your dog their heartworm medication once a month, and making sure they actually eat it instead of hiding it somewhere or spitting it back up, we can now provide a simple injection that does the job all year round. For convenience, this treatment can be done at the time of your dog’s annual exam and heartworm test.

Studies have shown that ProHeart 12 is effective against heartworm in dogs, safe for most breeds, including reproducing dogs and their puppies, and has similar possible side effects to HeartgardĀ® Plus. If you would like to switch your dog over to ProHeart 12, just give us a call or ask us about it next time you’re in the office.

Keep those puppies safe!