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Welcome to our Pet of the Month feature, where we showcase pets of all shapes and sizes from our doctors, staff and friends.


This little ball of black fur is Squirt. She belongs to our Vet Tech Manager, Kathy!

Kathy found Squirt alone in a parking lot at her former job. Her hair was all standing on end, her huge, fluffy tail looking bigger than the rest of her, and she was yowling at the top of her lungs. Kathy picked her up and took her inside and soon Squirt had a new home.

At home, Squirt made a very unlikely friend. Kathy had a pet squirrel, and he and Squirt became inseparable. Squirt would hang out by his cage and he would clean her fur and give her massages. When one was away, the other would search the house and worry until their friend came home. They remained constant companions until the squirrel passed away at the age of 10 years.

Squirt is 15 years old and still acts like a kitten. She loves to be involved with playtime, letting Kathy’s girls dress her up and even, once, pack her in a suitcase! She likes to get into trouble and acts like she’s indestructible. Kathy calls her a small, furry tank.


So send some love to this tough, un-photographable, squirrel-loving kitty, and congratulate her on becoming October’s Pet of the Month!