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Every year in the United States, there are over five million incidents of domestic violence. In Florida alone, over 120,000 incidents were reported in 2008, two hundred of which had deadly results. Domestic violence knows no age or gender – it also knows no species. Statistics show that 48% – nearly half – of all domestic violence victims refuse to leave their homes because of the fear that pets left behind will face the same abuse or worse. The Harbor House, a non-profit shelter for victims of domestic violence, has teamed up with the Orange County Animal Services to build a shelter for pets that escape domestic violence situations with their owners.

To help raise awareness of this cause, and to help put the word out about domestic violence and how it affects pets, Park Avenue Animal Hospital is offering purple ribbons to all visitors from now until the end of October. These purple ribbons can be affixed to a pet’s collar or worn as a lapel ribbon as a reminder that humans aren’t the only victims of domestic violence. Help support the Harbor House and give pets, and their owners, a chance at freedom.