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If you are an animal lover you must see the new movie, Dolphin Tale! Based on the true story of Winter, an Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphin, whose tail was badly damaged in a crab trap line and had to be amputated in order to save her life. Winter was rescued from Mosquito Lagoon (near Cape Canaveral) and transported to Clearwater Marine Aquarium to begin a long rehabilitation and where she still calls her home.

The movie is a classic kids story – boy with issues bonds with injured dolphin and fights to save her life, thus saving his own. The boy, Sawyer Nelson, played by Nathan Gamble, plods through each lonely day without any friends and a single mother, Lorraine Nelson, played by Ashley Judd, who doesn’t know how to help him. It isn’t until she sees him at the aquarium where all the staff knows his name that she see her son come alive. Dr. Clay Haskett, played by Harry Connick Jr. is the veterinarian that saves Winter and Dr. Cameron McCarthy, played by Morgan Freeman, build the prosthetic that Winter is finally able to wear that allows her to swim. This is a feel good movie and is fun for the whole family. Dr. Rick gave it 2 thumbs up and says the movie is pretty accurate with regards to handling and care of Winter.

Winter is now completely healed, adapted to a new swim pattern, and has learned to eat fish on her own despite the odds against survival. She still lives in the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. You can watch her on the “Winter-Cam” online. You can visit¬†Winter’s website¬†for more information and see how you can help build Winter a new home!