Our Mascot


Seaver the Retriever is a pure-breed golden retriever, owned by Dr. Rick Rubinstein. He may be all grown up, but he is still a puppy-at-heart. Despite originating from a long line of champion show dogs, Seaver decided to skip show business and settle down as a family dog and beloved hospital mascot.

Since even before Park Avenue Animal Hospital opened, Seaver has been its cheerful, welcoming face. His adventures have been immortalized (and somewhat embellished) in the Seaver comic strips that appear every week in the Apopka Chief, and on this website.

In real life, he can frequently be seen hanging out at the hospital, eager for toys, treats and any attention. His loyalty, infectious smile and constantly wagging tail never fail to brighten someone’s day. Seaver is a good boy.

Our Morale Officers


Hamlet & Ophelia

Park Avenue Animal Hospital’s resident cats were born 4/16/08. They were rescued at 6 days old when a Good Samaritan found them abandoned by their mother. They were part of a litter of five kittens, however three had passed away. With no mother to nurse and nurture them, they were in desperate need of human intervention. Young kittens need warmth and nutrition, and they need to be fed every few hours in order to thrive.

Since many rescues had already become over-filled with kittens, one of our staff members took them home and bottle-fed them. Hamlet was difficult at first, not taking well to being bottle fed. In order to get him the nutrition he needed to thrive, Hamlet  needed to be tube-fed for several days, which involved pushing a tiny, fine tube down his throat and syringing formula directly into his stomach. After eventually finding the right formula for both of them, Hamlet and Ophelia began to grow like weeds!

A little love, some quality nutrition, and a whole lot of sleepless nights helped them grow up to be the strong, healthy cats they are now. When Park Avenue Animal Hospital opened in August of 2008 they became permanent residents of the facility and now provide hours of entertainment for the staff. Since cats generally have a universal blood type, Hamlet and Ophelia also act as resident blood donors whenever necessary.

Come and visit Hamlet and Ophelia today!


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