The staff is awesome. Knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. I had an emergency and they saw my dog right away. They were upfront about their procedures and recommendations. They listened to me and answered all my questions. There were no hidden costs on my bill. They went above and beyond. I highly recommend Park Avenue Animal Hospital.

Eric Stopla

July 1, 2015

This vet hospital saved my dog's life after my Boston Terrier was mauled by a pitbull at a local and irresponsible dog boarding facility. Dr. Turgai and the whole staff were excellent providing compasionate and state of the art care. Again, they saved my dog's life and for that our family will always be grateful.

Anibal Maldonado

October 20, 2014

Dr. Rick is one of the best vets I have ever worked with. I even drive all the way from Oviedo to bring my dogs to see him. The care he gives is well worth it. I would suggest Park Avenue Animal Hospital to any pet owner.

Therese Mendez

September 10, 2014

Just want to say Thank You, Dr. John, for changing your mind. Don't know what my 3 little kitties would do without you. Of course we love all the staff but they feel safe in your hands and heart.

Hollie Price

August 20, 2014

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that we chose this Animal Hospital. I have a pet rat-yes, RAT-who had surgery on a tumor in April. I am fourteen and obviously don't have much money to spare, so when other hospitals told me that the amount of money I would be spending was a larger sum than it needed to be, I lost hope. But my good friend told me to check this place, and I am SO happy I did. Dr. Turgai was instantly ready to help, kind, caring, and relaxed. Not only that, but even the nurses were considerate and loving. Not only did my doctor have to get a tumor out of a baby rat, but he had to get a tumor that doubled the baby's weight and size off. It was incredible. After the surgery we didn't have any problems, and now my baby is as happy as ever, climbing and chewing away with her sister :) I recommend this hospital over any other.

Stacia Ahlers

July 1, 2014

We just want to thank the doctors and staff of Park Avenue Animal Hospital for the loving care they showed while taking care of our little Chloe. It has been almost a year since we lost her and it has taken me this long to express the appreciation to all of your staff for the compassion and caring shown to us both while Chloe was healthy and when we had to make the tough decision. Thank you again.

Roxane Stratton

February 14, 2014

My wife and I used to come here frequently when we had our dog and two cats. The two doctors there are both quite friendly, and really are good with the animals. During an emergency with our collie dog, they took her right in, ran x-rays, and performed surgery to repair her twisted stomach. The care that they gave, with the urgency they had to really take care of the problem, was top notch. During the hardest of times, when our dog had to be put down due to complications with age, they were there to help us through the grief, and really helped to minimize what is always such a hard loss. Recently, we had a hamster that became ill. They do treat small pets like this, so we brought him down. They did what they could to help, giving us antibiotics, but the hamster had a kidney disease, and didn't make it. They were quick with follow up calls to check on us, and did what they could to help even though they probably knew it was a lost cause. The thing that really sets this place apart for me though, is that each time we had a pet die (even the hamster), they sent a card to our house, signed by everyone in the office, with messages from them all as well. It is the little things like this that help to set veterinarians apart. It was unexpected, and nobody likes to go through the loss of a pet, but it is nice to know that the people that work there truly care.

Brian M.

January 24, 2014

Thank goodness for the caring and competent staff at Park Avenue Animal Hospital who always go above and beyond for our non human family members. Over the years we have had both very old and critically ill pets. We have been so grateful to have the highest skilled doctors with all the best, state of the art equipment. I always know whatever the diagnosis, I am doing the very best I can for my pets. The level of skill, knowledge and kindness is always comforting.

Dana Shulman

December 10, 2013

Simply the Best! I can't put my gratitude in any other way. I came in to the clinic by a friends referral because my 5 year old english bulldog ate an entire cooked chicken and had bloody diarrhea. Intially I took him to Bansfield in Ocoee and the low cost vet. Service at those 2 clinics was subpar to say the least and both clinics wanted to cut my boy open and charge over 2000.00. Thankfully I brought him into Park Ave and Dr. Turgai and his team were truly great. The doctor and his staff really take the time to address all your concerns and they are not there to rip you off, they genuinely care about your pet as much as you do. Dr Turgai said my baby will be fine and even addressed an issue I didn't notice. He is educated, knowledgable , experienced and most importantly genuine. I know this is about the millionth review/testimonial they've probably recieved but they truly deserve it. You can't find service like this anywhere else, trust me I've looked.

Kavita R.

November 19, 2013

I have owned dogs, cats, and horses for most of my life and have experienced many veterinarians and clinics over the years. However, the staff and doctors at PAAH are outstanding! Not only are the receptionists friendly and welcoming, and the technicians knowledgeable and caring, but the doctors are all of that and more. The caring and compassion Dr. Rick has demonstrated toward me and my pets is unparalleled. Not only do they get my vote for "Best of Apopka," but also for "Best Ever!"

Sue Robinson

October 5, 2013

LOVE this Vet! Dr. John is outstanding. I have a business in Apopka and, even though I live in South Orlando, I bring all of my animals up here!

Erica Aka Rita F.

September 26, 2013

We heard a couple talking about this place when we were at Anthony's Pizza in apopka, so we tried it....and LOVED it. This place is so far and above all the other vets we have tried and very reasonable in their prices. I can't say enough about the doctors and staff. Our dog loves them, and so do we!

Susan W.

August 8, 2013

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