When we had an accident at home and one of our dogs was injured, I panicked because it was a Sunday morning & I dreaded having to take her to the emergency vet. I called the after hours number first and Dr. Rick answered. He had me meet him at the office within the hour. It was such a relief! He is a very caring vet! Everyone at this office is very friendly. They make you feel welcomed and seem to truly care about your pets.

Staci M.

November 3, 2009

Dr. John T, We will be forever thankful to you for saving our Vizslas Rowdy's life! Because of you, he is a happy, healthy puppy! You are the best! You're a vet that cares and loves the animals, and it's not all about money! Your kindness will be remembered!

Charleen & Hannah K.

October 28, 2009

Thanks to Dr. Rick Rubinstein at Park Avenue Animal Hospital for saving her tiny little life! If you ever have a need, I am telling every one of you that love your animals as much as I do.... If you EVER have a problem, it is worth the drive. Dr. Rick is the best!

Margaret C.

September 25, 2009

We would like to thank you all so very much for your time and care during our visit on June 26, 2009 with Pup and Rocky Hidalgo. Both Pup and Rocky received their check-up to enable them to travel with us to Canada. We wanted to let you know that you have created a beautiful facility that exceeds expectations and brings true "pet care" to another level. Many can build big beautiful facilities, but few can actually deliver on quality, competent and proficient pet care. Your building is so quaint and homey and from the outside you gather that it must have this "small town" feel to it. Upon walking in you all certainly deliver on the old fashioned customer service feel. Immediately you feel welcome and comfortable. So thank you very much! Pup and Rocky had a wonderful time in Canada! They enjoyed smelling new scents and eating different grass. We thought we would pass along a few photos of their journey in both Thunder Bay, Canada and Gatlinbutg TN. In addition, a big "thank you" to you and your staff. We are certainly doing all we can to spread the word that Park Avenue Animal Hospital is a wonderful place.

David and Shannon H.

August 7, 2009

We have been a client of Dr. Rubinstein for many years and we were so excited when we heard he was opening a new practice in Apopka. We travel all the way from the Waterford Lakes area just so our dogs can receive the best possible care. We know there are hundreds who have followed him to Apopka as well. This says alot about the man and the service he provides. The new office is state of the art but still has that homey feel that makes you feel safe and comfortable. The staff are just as welcoming as the building they work in and they all love animals! Dr. John is amazing and we are looking forward to working with him also. If you want to take your pets to an animal hospital that really cares about you and your pet then this is the place for you.


June 10, 2009

We would like to say thank you, to Dr. John and the staff. We were very upset when we found out our dog was sick, and the operation was very costly. We had called around to other vets and the cost kept getting higher and higher. Then when we called Park Avenue Vets and told them what was wrong with our dog, and what we had already had done, they worked with us, and now our family pet is back to her normal self. If it wasn't for Park Ave. Vets we would not have our dog now. Your staff is GREAT! Very friendly and greets the clients with smiles. These people truly love the job they are doing. I would highly recommend you to everyone! Thank you so much. Even Blackie is happy we found you. Thank you!

Diane M.

May 28, 2009

How to say thank you for all you do. In almost 4 years of rescue, Dr. Rick and Dr. John are the first vets who agreed to meet with our foster volunteers and teach them the principles of good foster care for the kittens and cats that come into our care. How often do I call late in the day with a situation that is responded to with "come on in" - even when it is at the end of the day. Your staff is professional, caring and we are so grateful for all you do to help us help those discarded by irresponsible people. Your office is so clean, your equipment on the cutting edge and your staff is dedicated. It's nice to see people who truly love their jobs - unlike other offices where you can see the employees are not there because they like the boss but because it's a pay check. On behalf of Candy's Cats, thank you so much. We are so grateful.

Candy S.

March 19, 2009

Thank you so much for your kindness. I am so grateful that there are wonderful people like you and Dr. Rick in this world. You make it a better place. I really miss Dr. Rick's kindness and wonderful dogside and catside manner. He has such a kind, genuine spirit and he truly was meant for the animal profession. I think there are so few out there like him in the animal world. Please know how much so many people appreciate you and your "bedside" manner. Dr. Rick you have no idea how many people I talked to at Petsmart while doing animal adoptions and when I would always ask "who their vet was" and "how did they like their vet" the response from your patients was always met with this beautiful calm smile on their face (the same way I smile when I think of you and your care) and then they would always tell me how much they liked you. Then and only then did I tell them that you were our vet and that you did so much work for the rescue group and you were so generous with your services and help towards the rescue group. Thank you so much for all the great work you do for so many rescue groups. I'm not sure people say thank you --- I appreciate everything you do.


March 18, 2009

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