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Patricia Munoz, DVM


Dr. Munoz has been working in veterinary medicine since 2008, when she started vet school and began working as a vet tech for four years while getting her license in the US. She graduated in 2014 from Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Though she wasn’t allowed to have pets at home as a kid, Dr. Munoz grew to love animals, especially enjoying them in movies and TV shows like Lassie. She got her first cat when she started her first year of vet school. She now has 5 cats, though only one - One Eyed Jack (who has two eyes) - lives with her, while the others live with her mother and father-in-law.

Dr. Munoz’s animal care personal passions focus on feline medicine and behavior, as well as senior care. She is also passionate about training in imaging. When she isn’t taking care of our animals, she enjoys traveling to new places and exploring nature through hiking, camping, and scuba diving in which she is open water certified. She also loves meeting with friends and family to play board games, participating in trivia nights, watching movies with her husband, and weight training at the gym.

Patricia Munoz